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With the Biplane finally painted and my efforts to up-arm the little gyrocopter from Ironclad Miniatures done, I thought I might take the time to add an up-armed option to this flyer.

Magnets this time, fitted into the HMG ammo hoppers on the sides of the nose, allow magnets to hold bombs that can be dropped by the pilot.

Four bombs are ready for use in two variants (shock bombs to incapacitate infantry and tanks, as well as your more common BOOM type).

I must take this moment too, to mention the kind gesture that John at Ironclad has made while this project has been running.  I enquired by email about buying a new pilot for my second Gyro as I had stolen the original for my biplane.  John replied and asked for my address.  In about 3 days time a package on my doormat was found to contain the required pilot free of charge.  If I haven’t said before I will say it here.  Some of the smaller manufacturers are more thoughtful and generous than any of the larger companies. John at Ironclad is a great example of this trend and I would like to thank him for this kind gesture. Please look Ironclad up if you get the chance. You wont be disappointed.