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A couple of posts ago I talked about the flight stand that started my push to get my Navy Air Corps started.

I made this ‘flying base’ for the steam ship I use with the Navy quite some time ago but didn’t know what would be needed to finish it until this time last week.  Blue Tac was holding the engines on and I had only got as far as a basecoat in Skeleton Bone.

Now though the base is done and I am ready to launch the steam ship skywards to lead the Navy Air Corps.

Large flat surfaces again left me wondering how to weather the base (far too clean with that base coat).  The solution, black and white spray applied haphazardly and from afar, and tidied up with original base colour where needed.  A simple earth shade wash over the now slightly textured surface finished my efforts.

Engines glued in place and decals applied.

Boat 268 is ready for her first mission.

Also known as ‘Pride of America’ she will have the Transport and Inspiring traits and afford the Navy a reroll when she is in view (until I realise how broken that would actually be when using Coronasan’s Steam Wars rules)