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When last seen, this was still in the undercoated and prepped stage.  Often that ‘prepped’ stage can last years in the shed…  This time the Navy Air Corps has been moving along nicely though.  With all its units coming together quite quickly.

When base coating the model I tried to spray the base colours from two directions giving me a blue colour to the underside (camouflage in the sky) and grey to the top.  It worked surprisingly well but doesn’t photograph all that well…

I have used a couple of decal sheets from a US Navy Goshawk kit for the majority of my army so far.  The sheets I bought for the job were in two scales. I have found it very useful to have decals in both 1/48 scale and 1/72 scale.  This affords me a number of matching decals, with differing sizes, for use on all my various tanks etc.  This was the first time I had used them on an airframe as they were originally intended.

Did I tell you that the blue photographs poorly?

Pilot Johnson ready for duty.

Ah, that’s better…  Its the first time I have had to use a decal fixer as well.  The wing detail and shape meant that the decals were lifting as they dried when water was used alone to apply them.

A little decal fixer and they almost dissolve into the surface of the wing.  Very effective and it’s a new tool that will be on hand in future on my paint station.  I have done a more subtle weathering of the model than my usual method (slap copious amounts of dark tone ink on it).  Wider flatter surfaces are not always easy to ink, I think I have done a better job of it this time.