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With their paddle steamer now able to fly ahead and lead the force, some reinforcements need to be drafted in.  Luckily many more fliers are sat in the painting queue.

Ironclad Miniatures make this wonderful little Gyrocopter. I had picked up two of these as pre release models a while ago. They were built and then undercoated a while back.  The original plan was for them to be the scouts for my Steam Wars naval force but, as with most items that enter the shed, they haven’t progressed too quickly along the paint queue.

The recent work on the growing Naval Air Corps means that they have now been pulled out and finished (well, one has anyway).

The reason one has been held back is the fact that the pilot appears to fix a small problem I had in finishing off the Navy’s other flying unit.  My Biplane kit originally came with a terrible blob of plastic that was never going to be able to fly this wonderful plane.  The pilot from the second Gyro appears to fit in perfectly though…

Too small for the new Oshiro flight stand, this little flier needed a stand of its own. Thankfully we found a solution in the form of a small bespoke MDF flight stand base, ordered by Coronasan a while back for his own Steam Wars fliers.  This was made by Jim from Products For Wargamers and works nicely for what I need.

Aluminium tubing with a small magnet in the top means quick and easy removal.  A larger more heavy duty magnet in the base of the resin cab was required as the rear of the model is metal and surprisingly weighty.

The same magnets were used for the Biplane but as this is a fully plastic kit (apart from its new metal pilot) it holds in place a little more easily.

I will be making a couple of these stands over the next few weeks, as the remainder of the flying units get done.  I plan on making them in a couple of differing rod lengths to allow for a bit of variation in their look.

All finished and looking fine.  As this is an unarmed Gyrocopter I suspect it will be fielded as a spotter in Steam Wars.  This will allow the 2 indirect fire artillery units that I have to stay out of sight while the gyro hovers above and directs their fire.