I have been playing about with ideas for launching my Steam Wars Navy into the air for quite some time.  I have, on occasion looked at the various models in the Navy force and made zooming noises as I moved them about above table height…  But enough about that…

How I would get the models to become flying was always going to be an issue.  Various ideas have come and gone.  I have quite a few things that fly now in the shed, and not all of them are in the navy force.

One item in particular was the final solution for the dilemma that had stalled me…

When I first came across the Martian Skiff that I own, on Google images, it featured in a grand melee against a range of other Martian forces.  I wrote to Jimbibbly over at Oshiro Models and ordered one quite quickly.  Then it sat doing nothing (as is normal in the shed). The inactivity was mainly because I didn’t plan in any way for how to mount it in a game.

As so many other items were similarly paused for this exact reason, something was needing to be done.  It turned out to be good old Jimbibbly who again provided the answer to my problem. When I revisited those images on Google recently I realised that the answer had been there all along.  Each Martian Skiff in those images was flying above a nifty Perspex flight stand…

My plan was to pick one up at Salute but sadly none were available on the day. That’s my lack of planning again (Note to self – preorder things for show pickup in future). A couple of emails later though and one was winging its way to me.

Tall enough to get above most of my buildings and in clear plastic so less obvious than a number of other ideas I had.  The wide top holds most things safely and a small post inserted through the hole in the centre locks them securely in place.

This stands first outing is likely to be with the Navy as I can now finally ‘float my boat’ above the table.

It does mean I have no excuse but to finish off the flight base I made for the paddle steamer I guess.

When completed, the Navy will have a flag ship to be proud of.  I may have to try and hold back on those zooming noises though, as I am told that it appears unseemly behaviour for a 40 something gent… I can’t think why!