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The painting continues while I try to get a second new unit ready for our latest playtest game of Steam Wars.  The Rollerbots are definitely in for the game.  These Divers from Scheltrum Miniatures have been in the shed for over a year as I bought them at a past Salute.  The miniatures themselves are old school and detail is limited but the Octo-backpacks are a classic in my opinion.

While painting these five for our game I tried to take a few photos. But as they are so damned difficult to photograph, I ended up giving up and finished setting up the table for our game.

Steam Wars, as is the case with a number of games, benefits from plenty of scenery. However, it doesn’t make moving through said scenery a more complex or difficult than it should be.  A simple 1″ movement penalty for troops hopping a fence is all it takes.

Games should be easy to play so they can be played fast and without having to check back in the rulebook too often.

One final shot, when they were completed, was able to show their detail better.  These guys hate cameras as the auto focus can’t decide what part of them to lock on to…

My basic game sized (1500pts) Steam Wars force looks like this…


Lord Lavatt in his bath chair

3 units of Naval Ratings

2 HMG Teams

1 unit of Octo-Divers

1 unit of AT Rollerbots

1 unit of HMG Rollerbots

1 Tesla Cannon

2 Steam Tanks

1 Walking Steam HMG Armoured Platform

2 Steam Trucks (Transports)


Ready to play…