Salute this year was all about buying figures.  As we have been playing pirate games, and as my new pirate ships will definitely need crews at some point, I had to find some more pirates to paint up.  Who does the best pirate figures?  That’s got to be Black Scorpion Miniatures!

This is what two packs of pirates a pirate captain and two packs of able seamen look like.  Seventeen men might be about enough for one pirate ship.  My older pirates will likely be drafted in to crew the other vessel.

Black Jack Davey is the pirate captain I picked out for this band of scoundrels, and he is a great example of the added details that Black Scorpion give to the majority of their figures.  With at least 2 pistols, as well as a sword and dagger, this one handed gent may find juggling all that weaponry a bit challenging. That’s before I start to wonder how he manages to undo all those straps and buckles with a hook.

A number of the other pirates look the part as captains and have the same excellent level of details too.  All I need to do now is wait for a fine day to get some undercoating done.