Flitting back and forth appears to be the norm again. The Steam Wars Navy got a new edition recently in the form of this 1/48 scale biplane.  I have no idea what this aircraft represents as it was a second hand kit found in a toy store in a nearby town.

I have not heard of this manufacturer and not really looked at traditional model kits often as sources of inspiration.  This was bought as I suspected it could be kit bashed into a steam punk flier of some sort.  No need for kit bashing as it turned out to be ideal straight out of the box.

A light, very open plan airframe, rear facing propeller and distinctly odd look make it ideal as something that would need to be ship launched.  A new pilot is needed, as the plastic blob of a pilot that came with the kit was nowhere near as crisp as the model itself.

Yet another unit needing a set of stats for use in the game.  I may also need to get a paintjob and flight stand sorted out too…