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Now, with so much artillery now available to the navy force, I feel that more tows are needed to drag it all around.

Luckily my store of small, already undercoated, trucks seems unending at this point.  One more would be easy to knock up.  One with a slightly different look is always nice. So, this one was picked out as it has a removable covered rear.  A nice tarp to cover the trailer is enough to make it less like the last one.

A slightly different colour scheme this time and I am quickly done. (No detailed painting or weathering here…)

I did give it some Navy decals to help it look part of the wider force.

For a Corgi toy car it does the job very well.

Two trucks and a tracked artillery tow should be enough for now.  After that many Steam Wars vehicles I feel a change coming.

What’s next then..?

Oh! Looks like I still haven’t finished off all those buildings yet…