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So the slow, unorganised process I call my painting hobby proceeds at its usual stop start pace.  I have done quite well (for me anyhow) lately, and have finally come to the last of my Ironclad Steam Tanks.  This is the only tracked tank I own, but although it is the largest of my tanks, it is still small compared to some of Coronasan’s British or Prussian Steam Wars armour.   

This one again has the turret supplied with the kit, and one I have added in as an alternate weapon option. I also added a HMG to the hull as this is something that I always find helps in our games of Steam Wars.

I have to admit, this being the last of these tanks, it got a pretty basic paint job, as I am feeling in need of a change on the painting table.

As usual its grey, and with some extra metallic colours, not a challenging or award winning effort. A wash helps to dirty it up and hide my mistakes.  A few decals and its done.

The heavier 3 gun option for real fights.

A lighter 2 gun option for those less challenging opponents.

With 4 Steam Tanks (with alternate turrets) and assorted artillery in support, I feel more prepared for any of my Steam Wars opponents.

Now, what’s left to do…  Oh…  Lots…