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Some models have sat in the to do pile for far too long.  So long in fact that their undercoat, applied way back in hopes of getting it done quickly, has begun to chip off.  This artillery piece is an empire of the blazing sun Kawachi-Kanpon Type-17 Launcher. A model made by Spartan Games for their Dystopian Legions game.  It has sat in a drawer for years and been badly treated when other lead has been piled on top and sifted through.

As the barrels are resin and the wheels are lead most of the damage was to the undercoat on the metal wheels.  That said it cleaned up nicely with a basic covering of US Navy grey.

A rather top heavy model, it was originally mounted on a base, but that would not have fitted in with my plans for it.  Add heat, and a bit of brute force, and the shape changed and balance was found.

Add in some contrasting silver and brass along with red rocket tips and we are on our way.

Brown wheels and a wash of dark tone and as always all my errors seem to disappear.

Its nice to see something this neglected finished at last.

Just needs to have some crew…

And maybe a tow…

I had best look out another steam truck I guess.

So far so good.  One steam tank to go then all I will have left is more squads of Navy Marines to paint.

Oh, and a small land ship