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Anyone reading this blog may notice that I have had no real focus of late (maybe that should be ‘ever’…) Lately it has been more noticeable as we have not been playing as often, and I don’t have a list of new rulebooks to read or try out either.

Even the old faithful games like Dust Tactics have been on hold somewhat.  Is it down to a lull in the market, the usual winter slowdown, or maybe my own busy life?  Whatever it is the butterfly like flitting from project to project is likely to continue for a while yet.

The painting table got a surprise lately. Before Xmas I wanted to get some more of my Steam Wars Navy forces painted, I needed them to be ready for a big game we had planned.  I never got round to painting anything back then but now, without a game in sight, I find myself back painting Ironclad Steam Tanks.

Along with the excellent tanks, Ironclad Miniatures have also allowed me to buy some other rather nice items.  This field gun was bought online about 12 months ago I think, along with some extra steam tank turrets that I picked up to ‘up gun’ some of my existing vehicles.

Not all steam powered vehicles are tanks you know.  An army needs logistical support as well.  As either a troop carrier, supply truck or tow, after a new paintjob this Matchbox steam truck fits in very well with the force.

And I can always play it as a gun truck if all else fails.  If I do manage to get the last of the Ironclad tanks finished I will have 4 tanks, each with alternate turret options, that will need to be profiled up before I can use them in any upcoming Steam Wars games.

These bits should get finished over the next few days/ weeks if all goes well…