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So, the problems with the Garden of Morr are behind me…  All the parts are now finished and it can be set up as a graveyard, or gothic walled garden, if I don’t use the mausoleums.

I had a couple of MDF squares a while back that I added some Renedra tombstones to.  Adding an evil old tree from a Horrorclix starter set finishes one of these squares off nicely. The colour of the dry grass is a little stark but I can dull that down later if required.

Its game ready but may get some further highlights or washes along the way to weather the newer bits and fit them in with the originally painted parts.  I remain convinced that there are far too many skulls on this set  🙂 but it is a GW set I guess.

Overall I am pleased with this.  Even after my slight mistakes.

Those mistakes are not overtly obvious, and could add to any game they are used in, if used as easier entry points to the scenery.

If nothing else it will act as a reminder to me.  A reminder to be more patient when I am in the shed and to pay more attention to what I am doing…