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After painting up a piece of scenery last time that would not be featuring in our current games, I decided to try to get something new done for the table, that would be able to feature.  I went rummaging in the shed and dug out another ‘old project’ that was started in early 2014 if I recall correctly.  Parts of it feature in photos from about that time but it never got completely finished as other projects took over and distracted me.

The project that has languished, half finished, is the old Games Workshop, Garden of Morr, graveyard set.  I have used the finished parts of this in many games and really like it, even if it has a few to many skulls on show for my usual tastes. The stone walls and Mausoleums were done a long time ago, but the rest never progressed past the undercoated stage.

The bases got started a while back, but a rough dry brushing isn’t quite enough to call them finished.

The iron railings were undercoated (I bought a few more of these on eBay to expand the set further if I recall).  They were already undercoated so got a heavy and rough dry brushing this week, along with the railings getting some silver to boot.  A quick ink wash to darken the lower parts of the pieces and we were well on the way to being done.

That’s when it started to go wrong…

I have never been very patient.  No, that’s not true, I am VERY patient with people as my work life demands this.  Sadly that patience does not extend to my painting.

Time is always short and, when I am in the shed, I want to get on to the next thing as soon as I can.  Usually I have a couple of projects on the go, to switch between, when things are drying.  At other times I have used a small fan heater to blow dry models a batch at a time.

The fan does a fine job.  Except when you put things a little too close or forget that they are there… Or both…

Obviously most plastics and resin are heat sensitive. I often find this is useful when I need to reposition or bend items back into shape.  Then there are the times when the heat tries to shrink the plastic back to its original shape…

Thin railings do not last long if you don’t check on them.

Even the thicker plastic of the posts tend to move when forgotten about for an hour or so… I would like to say I was called away on important business but I wasn’t. I stepped into the house to make a cup of tea, and got distracted…

4 out of 8 of these sets of railing are now warped like this.  Its only the ends that were closest to the fan thankfully.  Their bases did not warp, so all still stand up nicely, and can be used.

Not ruined, but not good.  at least we can house rule that climbing through the gaps will be easier than jumping over the intact railings.