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So, the Terminators are done.  Strange how some projects get done quicker than others.  My strong liking of these figures helped somewhat.  I suspect that the 3 colour paintjob also helped get them done so quickly. Looking at them, I probably spent more time on their bases than on the figures themselves.

Martian cracked earth bases tie them in with the existing forces. When I get time to paint up some of the Martian Tripods I might even get a game or two in.

The Terminator Crawlers were even quicker as they didn’t even get bases.

2 squads of 5 Endoskeletons and 1 squad of 5 Crawlers (likely to be used as replacement figures if I can talk Coronasan into ruling the endoskeletons up as difficult to kill).

Cheap easy and looking good even with my poor painting skills.