So as the varied and mixed projects go on in the shed, with no clear focus or purpose, my mind turns again to the to do list, and the Harbour that is still not any further along.

When last seen, it was paved but not painted and I had an idea that it would be usable in a number of historical settings.  So, to bring it up to the modern age, the timber frames wound need to go and a selection of my more modern warehouses and buildings would be needed to set the scene.

All modern harbours now rely much less on physical man power to load and unload their cargo, so a crane would be nice…

Coronasan has beaten me to this and bought himself a very nice container hauling crane from TTcombat.  His may just be slightly too modern for my tastes as the Victorian town might find this hard to blend in with…

Something like the one I saw on Facebook recently would be great.  It appeared to be purpose built to go with the other scenery and I suspected it was likely to have been scratch built when I first came across it.

But then I saw this…

eBay, as always, came through and I now have my own ‘Cranky The Crane’ and it came to me for less than a tenner.


Mine was sadly cracked at the base so off that came and a spare set of pavements replaced that small inconvenience.


All I need to do now is rip his face off and lose the handle.  A project likely to get done in the next weeks (months or years may be more realistic…)