One plus side of not playing large figure count games is, when you have painted the 5-6 figures you need for a game, you are quickly free to drift into another project.  And, oh my, do I drift.  With no discernible direction at all…

After getting a few things setup recently, to play a couple of games of Rogue Stars, I have found myself drifting back to an old project.  The weather again is not yet ripe for large scale undercoating so more building has been going on.

In this case building Martian Tripods…

Scout tripods in this case.  Smaller than the original Assault tripods and with a less varied selection of weapons options, but in this case, one box of scout tripods has doubled the number of proper tripods I have.

They tower over the metal tripods that I have, and the cephalopods I plan to use are smaller still.  They may need reclassifying when I actually come to profiling them up for our games of Steam Wars.  The larger Assault and Scout tripods will likely be my equivalent of vehicles, while the smaller metal tripods, may end up as units of Martian cavalry or heavy infantry.

As it is I will probably have more chances to profile them than paint them. Especially while the weather at the moment remains so cold and wet.

I guess I should expect these conditions though…  It is winter you know…