Boring Post Warning!

Well now that I know where I stand with some of the projects in the shed I guess I need to make that ‘To Do’ list.  In a very negative style I will first identify all the projects that are ‘ongoing’ (read that as unfinished or just stuck or just too large and have never got started/ finished) then rule out a number of these projects that I know will still not get finished soon even if I restart them with good intentions…

They will get done in time, its just I don’t have the time at this point.  Coronasan’s loft full of lead appears to be full of these types of projects so I don’t feel alone in this phenomenon.  I wonder how many years some of his projects have waited?  There tend to be some projects that need time (and sometimes lots of other parts) before they come to fruition.

The issue in the shed, unlike some other spaces, is that it is where I ‘work’ and therefore the unfinished list sometimes feels to be looming over my shoulder when I begin something else… (Maybe that’s just my guilt looming).

So, here we have it, the ‘Not To Do’ list.

    • Martians – All of them
    • US Marines – Submersible
    • US Marines – Steamboat No.2
    • US Marines – Flying base for steamboat No.1
    • US Marines – Diving suit troopers
    • US Marines – Steam truck
    • US Marines – Troopers, Specialists, Artillery and Crew
    • US Marines – HMLS Gladstone
    • US Marines – Small Gun Drones
    • Giant worms
    • Cthon – Small worms
    • German heavy infantry
    • Night Terrors
    • Stables
    • Cricket Pavilion
    • Sci fi walkways
    • Bunker and lasers
    • German Army – All remaining units
    • Playmobil Cargo ship
    • Railway Set Tracks
    • Railway Set Trains
    • Gothic Ruins and Walls – Graveyard set
    • Modern powerboat
    • Tunnel Boards set (Huge Project)
    • Update Large Medieval/ Fantasy Army
    • Celtic warband for ‘of gods and mortals’
    • Oriental warband for Ronin
    • Modern Special Ops warband for Black Ops

As expected this list is long and painful to look at.  But if I take these out of the equation then my list of projects that I might get finished in the next month (or two) looks more achievable.  There are likely to be more unfinishable projects than this but they haven’t been looming lately…