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Anyone who has been following my blog will know that Dust Tactics is one of the lasting games we play in the shed.  We have probably played more games using this ruleset (or one of its variants) than any other.

I have a LARGE Axis force (still not completely painted…) but have become slightly tired of these boys.  So lately I decided to build an Allied force and slowly paint it up.

On eBay however, I found a cheap deal on a USMC starter force. All boxed and including a heavy walker, 2 medium walkers and assorted infantry.  The best part…  It was a Premium painted set.  The startlingly fine paint jobs and weathering on all of the pieces puts my painting to shame.

Throw in a diecast prepainted halftrack and I was well on the way to being finished. And with no effort taken.

Then another Premium set came up on eBay.  This time with Heroes and alternate turrets. I was, all of a sudden fielding a full force with no effort other than clicking my mouse.

What to do with my primed figures.  I cannot paint as well as the guys at Dust Studios that’s for sure.  It would mean painting a few modles in a very different style to my usual methods.  I have said before that darker tones are easier for me.  But as I age my eyesight makes all my mistakes less obvious and I guess I could make them look close enough matches.

Not too bad if you look from far enough away.


Step one buy most of what you need ready painted (setup an eBay alert if you are lazy like me)…

Step two don’t buy too many new units unless they are not available as premium painted units…