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The bulk of the work done in the summer was on a Dragon Rampant force.  Not a huge amount of work but a good start.  These Scibor Snails were a gift from a friend and always on the painting queue but never started.

They were a bit daunting as such good sculpts deserve a good paint job.  That usually takes time but sometimes just getting something done is what is required.

I decided I would have to just get them done so I could play a few games with them to try out Dragon Rampant properly.

First pass, and almost happy with them.

The teeth and claws turned slightly pink during a final wash so a quick touch up was required before finishing the basing.

Otherwise I quite like these.

Tufts and tooth whitener done.

5 more of these guys and 3 of Scibor’s big snails remain on the paint table and will be one of the jobs to finish before Xmas.

What else can I get done to get another quick win?