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So in order to get some of the myriad of projects finished I need to get the blog slightly more up to date so we all know where the starting point is.

These guys were on the painting table back in the summer and got finished off as allies for the Steam Wars Martians force. Something of a close combat/ fast attack force.

Based up in the simple way that the robots were they are quite an effective looking unit.

Cracked Martian earth and rocks with small tufts. Quick and easy.  Just what I need to get some jobs done.

I must try to work out what affects the size of the cracks. Maybe a quick google search will set me right.  Larger cracks are more visually effective but smaller cracks in some of the flatter areas look good too.

So the army is started but, because of the large number of figures, its far from being finished. So no quick win to be had there.  One option remains though.

Osprey released Dragon Rampant earlier in the year and I have just the use for these guys as part of a themed army. Based on a snakey or snaily monster ideal I have a few units that will look good together.

So, next up, the bits I got done over the summer that started, but never finished, my new Dragon Rampant army.

Next time… Evil Snails.