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For such a small building (shed) the time it takes to tidy up is more than I expected.  I don’t even know if it looks any different, as whatever I try to do seems to only result in me moving stuff from one pile to another.

While moving piles about is fine, occasionally I do find some small quick jobs that need doing.  These odd bits were unearthed during the recent purge.  The mounted statue was a scenic fancy I made up from some test pieces of MDF cobbles that a friend made up.  The result (with an old 25mm Napoleonic horseman on top) was better than I expected.

Sadly, said horseman was slightly diseased, and the lead rot in his legs left him slightly brittle.  One small knock, and off he snapped, while the base and hooves remained on the plinth.

Some terrible pinning and a dose of green stuff later and he was back looking more himself again.  Sadly I have no idea what brass colour I used as each pot I matched up to him was ‘off’ slightly, so now his legs are looking slightly different to the rest of him.  I don’t think it shows too much. Certainly not enough to worry me at this point, and at least I can use him again, safe in the knowledge that he is sturdier than ever before.

The other things that have reached the top of the painting pile are these simple Alien Grubs from Trollforged miniatures. The models are from their kickstarter and not available as yet.  I will need another 6 when they do get released to complete the desired unit size. These will be painted up as the start of my Dragon Rampant army and as some possible allies for the Martian Invaders in Steam Wars.