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So, the first of the Martian forces are almost done and just bases left to do.

I have decided on a rocky Martian, cracked, red earth look for these bases. The theme is a bit ‘off’ as they are meant to be invading earth but I like the red earth idea more.

Cork sheet for rocks gives a nice flat topped look and then some of GW’s Martian Iron Earth technical paint and its done.  Simple.

Well, almost done…  Yellow grass gives a contrasting colour and some more interest.

The cracked earth look is more noticeable when the paint is applied thicker in some areas than others.  These were my learning bases and some have turned out better than others.  Overall I like them though.

I gave a quick coat of spray varnish and ended up with that horrid, slightly frosty, look to the silver.  The bases and brass areas didn’t frost up, so it must be something to do with the silver paint I used.  I got the same thing with the last lot of 6mm tanks I did but they were only silver in small patches.  These are ALL silver…

I don’t think I will risk varnishing the large tripods when I paint them, as they are likely to be all silver…