While I have been sorting and tidying, I have been flitting from project to project.  Not the best way to work, as you never get ‘in to the grove’ with anything, but at least it gets those half planned odd jobs done.

My Horizon Wars army has most of what I need but I have a hankering to be as complete as possible with it.  That is the reason I have added a few new tanks to the force, to give me some Heavy Cav and Armoured Arty.  A couple of new Mechs (Light and Heavy) are always welcome too.

One thing I found while painting these simple units was how base coats can be more different than you expect.  The original force was basecoated using an old can of GW Skull White.  With a wash of Dark Tone it remained fairly bright and gave me a good shadow effect.

The new units were basecoated in GWs new Corax White.  It must leave a slightly more uneven surface as the dark tone wash didn’t run cleanly off the base coat and gave a more grey finish.  Not enough of a difference to notice unless you look for it… Annoyingly I cant help but not see it…

With a little colour and some basing the effect is less obvious and I guess I can cope with it. I know other armies that have suffered from very varied base colours, Coronasan’s Blood Angels Spacemarines for example 🙂

I don’t think they look too bad, and with them being 6mm scale, I guess I wont be able to see the problems in about 10 years time when my eyes are even worse than they are today.