I have showed you the majority of the Steam Wars Martian ground forces already.  The core of that force has to be its Tripods though.  Especially if I want to stay in HG Well’s world view.

The tripods on the market range from tin boxes on legs to huge insect like constructs.  Thankfully a cheap and easy source exists in the form of a little game called ‘All Quiet On The Martian Front’.

As far as I can tell AQOTMF has stopped being made.  It was up and running for a while, after its kickstarter was funded, but its parent company appears to have gone bankrupt, at least that’s what I think happened.

However, the AQOTMF Facebook chatter has the licence for the game being picked up by another manufacturer, so it may not be as dead as we thought…

Either way these tripods (originally designed for 15-18mm figures) work fine for my needs.  With the average tripod currently selling for £10 or less on eBay they are a steal as well.