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A few weeks ago I managed to get a larger game of Steam Wars played over at Coronasan’s house.  It was odd not to play at the shed but as his family was away, and the cats were the only impediment to our game, we thought it would be a good opportunity for a larger and longer game to get played.

It was also nice to get a different table set, up as Coronasan has a vast collection of scenery and now owns a fancy rubble strewn mat for us to play on…

The scenery was a mix of old and new.  Armourcast resin buildings (from when it was an old US based affair and now long out of print I suspect), stood side by side with modern MDF buildings from TTcombat.  Add in a few resin trucks, and plenty of scatter terrain, and I was glad of the hover facility on my steam launch.

All the big guns found corridors to fire down fairly quickly.  This was also a chance to further playtest the base rules so we adjusted a few rules and profiles as we played. This did mean that my autocannon was over effective at the start of the game and more mediocre (but likely more balanced) at the end.

Vehicles crowded the larger cover and had to queue at times to get past some obstacles. Not recognising choke points may be my downfall in a number of games…

Infantry had an easier time when moving but jump troops and HMG’s can soon slow them down.

The rules for close combat have been tweaked again and it is a very decisive and easy to manage aspect of the game now.

Some tanks just don’t die…  This Pug took about 6 turns and 15 shots without me managing to get any notable damage on it.  My rolling never fails to be poor when I only have one dice to roll.

In the end Coronasan was in full command of my left flank, while the centre remained fairly empty of troops.

I held my right flank better and my infantry slowly moved further towards the rear of his centre.

All in all, a good game and made better by the full range of scenery options.

We are likely to get pulled back towards other games while Coronasan further updates the base rules after this game. That said, I for one cannot wait to get my teeth into another game soon.