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My Martian force has been enlarging slowly as I pick up more bits that will work for the force.  The Steam Wars rules favour small 5 man units that are supported by various specialists and vehicles.  My Small tripods are going to be used as light vehicles and the infantry will be some Ironclad Miniatures Sanwar.

I picked up these guys at Partizan and bought enough figures for me to have 4 units.  One will be a 6 man close combat squad and 3 will be 5 man gunmen units.  These will have short ranged weapons to represent their short barrelled guns.

Some big tripods have turned up now too.  More on these later…

Partizan also allowed me to pick up these new flyers from Ironclad Miniatures.  These are not in production yet but should be up on the site at some point soon. They come with open spoke wheels and a pilot with a selection of differing heads.

As it remains wet here I am continuing to build stuff but cannot get any undercoating done yet.  I will keep my eye on the weather and try to get a few batches done as it clears up…