So after a few games of Horizon Wars I now know I need more tanks and mechs! Heavy Cavalry, Armoured Artillery and Mechs seem to be the only forces that can make a sizeable dent in the opponents forces so the arms race is now on…

First up the biggest 6mm model I now own…  (My Oathsworn robot is not really a 6mm figure now is it?)

This is Ral Partha’s large four legged mech, Thunder Stallion.  He is likely to join my Space Ork force as I now no longer have any massive Gargants in the collection…

He sits nicely within the set as a heavy or super heavy mech.

He also make my other new mechs seem quite small.  I picked up a Grendel and a Madcat as well so now have some medium mechs to add to the force.  A couple of older Epic artillery pieces are always easy to find to add some Armoured Artillery to any force.

My light tanks are due to have some bigger brothers added so they are not so easy to knock out in our games.  Usually these forge ahead alone and take the brunt of any counter attack.

All in all a nice little lot that should not take too much time to paint up (if only the weather would dry up enough to allow me to get them undercoated).