I am on holiday at present and have spent the last 2 days (while the weather was good) painting.   Lots and lots of painting has been done.  So much so that I cannot move my right arm without the fingers cramping up…

Sadly the painting I have been doing is all one colour and over larger surfaces than I am used to or happy with.

My small shed and all the fences (all 90 feet of it) have been done so far. Then just as my sunburn was developing nicely, we received a visit from the rain. The rain has not stopped since.  That has afforded me a brief respite, but as soon as it dries up, a third day of painting outside will commence.

I may get a small break from painting when I try to dig the post for our old rotary drier out of the ground. That will be nice..! (If I can move after that, I will be impressed)

The garden will look cleaner and the Steinberg Shed Space will last longer as a result, but I may not be fit for much myself.

Holidays, such fun…