Released last month at Salute, Osprey’s Horizon Wars has been getting good reviews and picking up new players all over the world.  Their facebook page seems to be where most of the discussion is taking place.  The authors new website is also a good source of info.

Upon getting finished with the first read through of the book, I raided my old 40k Epic cases.  I have several kilos of Imperial Guard to pick from and a sample 9 point force came out of the case without leaving a gap…

I also have Space Orks and Space Marines to chose from too.  The Orks could be used like this for a simple 12 point game…  Again without the case looking touched…

Anyone reading my blog will recognise that all my games get plenty of scenery bought or built for them.  I seem to have the start of a forest already.

Along with a small bomb levelled town, a couple of gun pits and some tiny hedges.

Hedges that should do fine by the looks of it.

These old home made rubber roads are perfect as a ‘cut to fit’ road system.

A touch small for tanks but scale seems ok for now.

And I have plenty of them…

Judging by our failed attempts at planning a game of Dust Tactics recently, we might get a game in by June 🙂