My hot air balloon has now got its flight stand.  Coronasan has been working on a number of flying models and designed this stand with Jim from Products For Wargamers.

The stand should be available soon from Jims website and on his stand at the shows he attends through the year.

Its sturdy and light and has a small foot print so doesn’t take up too much room between scenery on a crowded table.  I have fitted it with a silver rod and run that inside the basket and balloon to give some stability to the model here.

The fact the balloon comes, as new, with its stars and bars flag makes me smile every time.

The crew have been raised up, so that they can see out, with a small foam board block.  I plan to cover this with balsa strips and disguise it as it is a little too white at the moment.

One thing the stand needs is a way to stop the rid coming out of the stand when in use.  I didn’t want to glue this as storage would then be difficult.

A 6mm magnet under the lower ring does a fine job of holding it all in place and now lets me pack it away when I need to as well.