My Deck Gun project is coming along nicely. The gun mounts are slowly lining up and will be ready for casting soon.

I plan to make mounts for each of the guns in the Black Pyramid artillery set and for some of their universal gun barrels from their wider range.

The largest gun is the main carriage gun from their set and this is the easiest to mount as it already has so much detail and only needs a simple mounting for it to look good.

Add some buttons and controls and it looks almost ready to go.

The first try at the mount for the Gatling style gun.  This left me wondering about whether to set this as just a gun barrel or to include the ammo feed as well.  To me it almost overbalances the gun itself when viewed from this angle…

Without the feed, and with some more detail to the mounting, it is starting to look more like a finished piece.

The Black Pyramid barrels from the tank turrets and sponsons are able to use the same mount but will need a universal breach section to allow them to fit the mounting and look finished.  I still need to design something that fits for all the the barrels and looks ok with anything from a tesla gun to missile launcher…

I slightly reworked the boxed mounting to fit the resin mounting from the artillery set.  It can be used as a flack mounting.

A multiple missile launcher.

Or a mortar mounting.

Coronasan suggested I try a twin mounted missile launcher on the deck mount as well.  Still a work in progress but looking impressive even at this early stage.  Definitely a good call on his part.