The Naval force has already taken to the air with its hover launch.  However, it will soon be soaring gracefully through the skies in its own hot air balloon.

This gem of a find was sitting in a store just waiting for me to find it.  John Lewis is an old style, British department store, that I almost never frequent.  I don’t know how long it has been stocking this wonderful, and almost perfect scale, balloon model.  I happened upon it when I ventured in to look at their electronics department and passed it in the executive toy section on my way out.

It currently hangs over the battlefield, but soon I should have some sort of basic flight stand sorted out, and it can then begin featuring in a Steam Wars game or two.

I am undecided if it will be used to drop small hand held bombs on Coronasan’s troops or to field it with a naval observer or sniper in the basket.  We will have to wait and see.