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My second Ironclad Miniatures squad have been on the painting table recently and are now finished.  These boys are Elite troops in our Steam Wars game.  Lots of shotguns and hopefully able to take down Coronasan’s heavy infantry as I haven’t got any heavy boys sorted myself at this point.

I will be playing these guys as four shotguns and two specialist breaching guns  (think of a blunderbuss crossed with an antitank rifle…)  All short ranged and noisy.

They should be able to slow armoured vehicles and men equally well if they can get up close and personal.

The photos don’t do then justice but they will be used in most games so will be in a lot of photos in time.

Can’t wait to get them up on the table and play test their rules.  Lets hope they can start to make Coronasan a bit less confident with his heavy jump troopers.