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Steam Wars is not the only project to have been on the go this winter. I picked up some Empress miniatures SAS when I was in Reading, at Warfare, in November.

These guys got a non military pain job as I want them to represent a private military contractors unit (Mercenaries to anyone else).  I got a full set of these along with some Taliban bikers that have always intrigued me.

I plan to use the 6 photographed miniatures as a Black Ops crew. They are a small band of professionals, armed to the teeth and suitably experienced.

A couple of specialists, one with a sniper rifle and one with a LMG, supply some added punch but I wonder how well this will help when the game calls for stealth in many of the missions…

The miniatures are a joy to paint although I over did the ink wash in one or two cases (painting skin has never been one of my strengths).  The bases got the Steam Wars sand treatment but with the plan being more of a desert scrubland theme.

This game will also let me get some use from these old Battlefield Evolution miniatures. Battlefield Evolution was a prepainted miniatures game we loved until Mongoose publishing pulled the plug on it a number of years ago… I still have laods of miniatures for this game and nothing to do with them, until now…