I have been photographing lots of new miniatures lately for the Steam Wars game we have been developing.  Those miniatures have been arrayed on the new scenery I have currently set up in the shed.

It is a very large and beautiful 3 foot by 4 foot table of rivers and cliff faces.  Rope bridges are used to traverse the various canyons and are made from string and matchsticks. Trapdoors and tunnels are to be found all over the table and can be used with minimal house ruling to traverse the battlefield.

A labour of love from another gamer so I cannot claim any credit for this wonderful set.  I can however, gain great joy from using it.  I will get a lot of use from this set and just need to get it stored away safely as it is more fragile than my own creations.  This set is made from fragile Oasis (flower arranging foam) and painted with spray and paints that, although creating a hard crust to the foam, do leave it easily damaged.

At this time my second shed (yes I have two sheds) is being tidied so that racking can be made up for these pieces to be boxed and stored on.

Not only did I manage to get the river board from this seller, but he also had a cavernous table that needed a new home.  This one is more prescriptive in the way it can be played and is likely to need some minor changes and additions to allow easy, more flexible use.  It is however, an example of what a very creative mind can achieve with only simple materials and some effort…  A mind more creative than mine.