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So with the Navy almost finished we decided to get our next Steam Wars playtest done.  After a number of stalled attempts to get together we managed to meet up in the shed for a game and a catch up.  Coronasan was all setup with an army list for each of us (written when I had only one unit painted up so supplemented with his new redcoated marines).  It was the first time he fielded his own Prussian Scrunts so we were both trying new things.

I had just picked up some new scenery from a talented terrain builder on eBay, who was selling off his old games collections and down sizing.  I managed to fill the back of my car with about 8 boxes of scenery and other bits for a very modest sum (I suspect he just wanted them to go to a good home). More on the scenery later though…

I set up on the left of the cliff sides and took the high ground for my large cannon (no tractor was needed or likely to be any use in such tight terrain…) My mixed ratings and marines arrayed ready to provide a firing line against any opposing troopers.

The Scrunt elites – flying assault troopers (I think they should be called FAT boys) were set to rush me from just outside my firing range. This they achieved, killing all but one man, before moving on to their next target.  My men on the lower levels went on overwatch to get a few shots in on them as they sped by.

As one flank weakened my other flank pushed forward.  Roller bots teetered on the cliff edges as they moved to fire on the Prussian heavy troopers and armoured walker.  My Marines prepared to advance as well as they would have to cross 2 rivers to move towards the plain in the centre of the battlefield.

As the advance continued the Prussian FAT boys moved to neutralise my cannon as it had had a run of very effective fire and whittled down 2 of the Prussian units.

Whilst all this was happening the Prussian command unit was stealthily creeping along the blind cliffs to later appear on my flank.

Once they appeared they set about shooting from their elevated position down on my ratings and marines.

Thankfully though, my marines held their nerve and prepared to fire a number of volleys back at them finally finishing them off as the remaining troopers were being dealt with on the other flank.

All in all the fire power of the navy troopers list worked better than the more close combat oriented Prussian list on this table.

A good game and a great chance to iron out a few wrinkles in the rules.  These rules are now a four page, simple, fast play set that allows a lot of flexibility in army choice and game style.

We trialled a simple, card based, mission deck during this game. It is designed to generate multiple objectives to be achieved throughout the game and those objectives change as others are completed.  As I develop this mission deck it will be enlarged from its current 26 cards to a more varied 40 or so cards.  These are designed to be fairly universal and should be usable with any game with only minor deck changes. More on that later…