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Only one of the Black Pyramid infantry units is left to paint, and to add a bit of interest I am painting up some random character types too.

The last unit are getting normal rifles and an aether weapon support. The characters are what looks like a stern naval sergeant by the hard set jaw and stance. The officer type is an old chap with lots of experience and confidence visible in that upright posture.

All done, and arrayed in their dress uniforms, they look very clean.  Not my usual painting style, but it is a nice change for me to paint something without then washing everything in ink.

Next up some more from Black Pyramid.  This time their large artillery gun and tractor.  This should get some paint on it (battleship Grey) next time I find time to hide in the shed.  I suspect that this will get a heavy ink wash to make up for all the clean lines I’ve had to put up with:-)