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So, the desk has been a bit untidy lately. With so many small jobs to do it was time for a tidy up and to inventory my on-going projects.  Small warband, skirmish style, games have been popular lately and provide quick and easy projects that can be completed quickly.  With most of these now finished it is time to move on to larger jobs.

My Steam Wars army is ready for undercoating and in need of a bit of my time or I will never get started on it.  I want to keep it simple as a paint job so dress uniforms in white should be effective and quick to complete.

I have decided to try basing them after painting, as I normally base before undercoating.  We will see how well that comes out later I guess. Most of the infantry is Black Pyramid Naval ratings.  They have some new naval ranges out soon so I will pick some up to bulk out the force with other differing poses later.

The guns and vehicles will break up the painting process a little as I plan to do an infantry unit and then either a vehicle or gun at each sitting to vary things a bit.  Just in case I get a bit negative about painting so many little men in all the same colours.

The last of the Frostgrave bits to get finished, before the navy marathon starts, were these dinosaurs.  All I did was base them as their paint job was already better than anything I could ever hope to achieve…

Yes Coronasan, your gentle prompting to get the navy stuff on the table has worked well…