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Our first game of Warhammer 40,000 was a large force (1,500point) game that allowed us to get lots of toys on the table. Our second game was a smaller affair (1000points).


The lower point value made me drop some of the heavier units.  No heavy support means the need for a faster, flexible strike force. The Terminators remained in play with a razorback to provide some long range firepower.  My fast options changed from assault marines to a squadron of Land speeders.  This included a newly painted speeder with Typhoon launchers.  A scout squad also adds some pinpoint firepower that may be required to pick of high value or harder targets.


I have often looked at my marines force and wondered why I painted some units with a bright yellow undercoat (I had a good reason I am sure when I did it) the speeder and scouts show the original Green/ Yellow camouflage that was my plan.  I guess that marines should not really be dressed in camouflage but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I was unable to take photos of the game we played but I can tell you it was a hard fought game.  My opponent brought out his Spacewolves and played a force of Terminators and Elites with a leader that was in fact a Venerable Dreadnought.

He played a reserved tactical game but then failed to hold his objectives and opened him self up for a heavy hit to the Dreadnought which left him without a leader.

Soon after this game was played a small game called Frostgrave was released and hit the shelves with a huge wave of interest.


Frostgrave will, I am sure, be our next major investment.  In this case the investment will be minimal on miniatures as only ten can be played in a crew.  The investment may be made in wandering creatures and scenery to play the various missions listed in the book…

Only time will tell…