With Games Workshop being so much in evidence, with our run on Age Of Sigmar, it was never going to be long before we revisited GWs other cash cow.

I have collected Space Marines for many years and have a sizeable (mostly unpainted) force.  Warhammer 40,000 was always a great work of fiction with a huge following that love the history and story of eternal conflict.  Space marines have been central to that story from the start.


My collection has not seen the light of day for many a year now. It finally got dusted off this summer when a couple of friends decided to try out a few games in a local GW store.  As usual it wasn’t long before we all started thinking about our past love of this game.

Most of us became disillusioned by GW as their collection of games became more complex and more prone to list building than being played just for fun. With their shift towards unstructured games (Age Of Sigmar being an obvious example of this) GW has opened the path back to fun.  The rules for 40k have again opened up to allow a mixed, play with what you want, list of armies.  That was all we were waiting for it seem.


That said, I still feel a space marine force should be mainly men on the ground.  The options for tanks and flyers will come in time but to get to grips with the basics it is best to go man to man in a slug fest.


To that end, I have put together most of my painted forces, and have decided what other items I need to get painted up to complete a basic force.

I was always a fan of Assault marines so a squad of these and another of their elite equivalents forms the core of the force.


2 small Terminator squads add some strength and durability, with the option for deep strike deployment as well.

Some basic tactical marines with transport options (Rhino and Razorback) add some extra firepower.


A land speeder and a land raider add some much needed speed and punch respectively.


All in all its a simple paint job, and it should be easy to finish off the few troops and tank needed to field a fully painted force.

Next up, our first play of 40k in about 10 years…