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The Dust painting queue has again moved along.  I am now 2 command units better off than last time I posted about Dust.  The last 6 months of Dust painting is now the longest period of work on one project since…  Well, since a long while ago.

So long in fact that I am actually starting to get very bored with this colour mix.  Grey, Black, Grey, Green, Grey, Cream, Grey, Camo, Grey, Silver…  I am sure you can see a theme in there?


That said, I did like the way these guys came out.  Heavy Grenadier Command (Grey Black, Grey, Silver).  Cigar chewing Officer.


Knife wielding Medic.


Rocket launching Mechanic.  What more could you want..?


These 5 guys, in contrast, were a test for a simple way of quickening up the process. The ‘Old Man’ is the regular Grenadier command squad.  I decided to simplify the painting process and use minimal colour options to get them done fast.  Came out ok…  4 colours (Green, Flesh, Black and Silver) and a wash.  What I would call gaming quality.  I can paint better, but I just feel these are starting to become a bit of a task rather than a pleasure.

Some units will get more effort than these but the main bulk of the unpainted force may well get the fast colour treatment. That way I can move on to painting for pleasure again.