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This was picked up at Salute earlier in the year.  Sarissa Precision make this fine Band Stand.  I made it up back in May.  Its now July… Time it got some love.


I have a habit of painting things with as little planning as possible.  Happy mistakes have let to many moments where I have smiled pleasantly to myself in the shed. Probably very disturbing to anyone looking in.


This came out in the colour scheme of my recent Bushido crew as that was the colour of the paint on the table…  It works well, in an old fashioned English country village sort of way.

I wanted to weather it up a bit but my usual method of washing with stain left some heavy brush marks this time round.  Large flat surfaces do not benefit very well from this method. pooling of the ink or brush marks are always left in the most obvious areas.


Overall I like it as a quirky piece to use in games where the Victorian town gets set up.  Should be usable for most games in the shed over the next few months.  Even my Bushido games may feature this soon.

I have some weathering powder that I have never worked out what to do with. Maybe I should play about with it next time I get a piece like this to do…