Osprey, as you most likely already know, have their own quickly expanding wargames range.  I have a number of these very good rule sets.  Some as yet remain unplayed but all appear very good, with those games we have played proving themselves to have simple, fast playing ideals. The newest set covers small fleet actions in the age of sail.


Fighting sale is on sale now on Amazon, less than 1 week after its release, for only £5.  Add in post and packaging and its still about half the original retail price…

We have not played many boat games, but as we have been messing about with Dystopian Wars recently, and as I now have a seascape mat, it seemed impolite not to invest in this little game.

I do have a few boats ready to go too.  These are the pocket models from WizKids Pirates game.  These were sold in random packs about 8 years ago in our local game store and we tried to collect the first few sets…  By set 4-5 we gave up collecting, but I have currently (even after selling loads of unpunched ships) about 200 of these tiny boats.

From what I can see from a quick look at the book, the Fighting Sail rules call for ships this exact size and in ratings from 1-6.  Ship ratings it seems is the old way of classing a ships size and cannon count.  300 points in the game gets me about 4 ships of the line. A Flagship (1st rate) and its sister (1st rate), along with a 3rd and 4th rate ship as escorts.

Or if I want quantity instead of quality…  I can get my 1st rate Flagship to lead its 3rd and 4th rate escorts whilst supported by a squadron of 3x 5th rate frigates.

This game will be out on a table very soon as a number of my friends also have pocket models and have ordered the book this week.  For an incredibly low level of investment I now have a brand new game, but I will have to wait a few days to see how well it plays out.