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I have amazed myself, I honestly though this would be ended by now, but the dust painting appears to be holding fast at this point.


I have to admit that the first 2 units are actually alternate weapons options or variants on the original unit.  The first is my Horton Jet which now can be fielded with the heavy tank killing cannon or these nice shiny bombs. Bombs that can be dropped individually, or all at once, allowing me to pick out a range of separate units or just obliterate a single high value target (I am thinking command units:-))


And if my opponent brings their own air units I can now field this light walker, which was originally armed with a heavy laser cannon, with a set of flexible quad heavy MGs. This makes it an effective little anti air (or anti infantry) unit.


For even more anti air (or infantry) capability, these Heavy Flack Grenadiers are a damage resilient squad that also completes my first platoon structure.  If I field all my heavy grenadiers (with Lara as their command unit) I get a boost to her command orders making them more likely to be successful. Always a benefit…


Last, but far from least, is this medium walker: a Lothar.  This is the artillery walker variant for the Axis in Dust.  Instead of just painting the weapons, which would have allowed me to switch them out with the Ludwig’s original anti tank guns. I have decided that painting up a whole new chassis would be a better idea.  This allows me to field 2 medium walkers (a 3rd would allow me to create an armoured platoon) and, if I get a few new weapons painted, some more options to field.

Still on the painting table are a pair of artillery spotters who will allow the Lothar to fire from behind cover without the need for a line of sight.

All this and I have no new game planned as yet…