This underused piece is likely to see a few more outings while we are playing ‘A Fistful Of Kung Foo’.


The warehouse is a useful but of scenery that gives us lots of rooms to search and move about in.  Isn’t it always the way though..? With all that space to move in somebody wants to run over the roof…


So as this doesn’t have a roof, I will have to make one. 


How’s this for a start? 


Shallow slope to allow figures to be put on top without sliding too quickly off. (Don’t ask me how long it took to get that angle to fit and look ok…) 


So now its nice and sturdy, lots of supports in place what finish to put on it? (Looks a bit flat and boring at the moment.)


I’ve started to get the buildings I was given for Xmas put together and roofed the workshop in corrugated card from a local craft store. 


As I had to buy a big pack, I had some left… So, as it comes in red, yellow and bright blue, a coat of grey spray and a more normal base colour was created.


So far I have left the front of the roof plain to add a sign or storefront later.  Some balsa strips to edge the roofline and I am done for now…

So, how long until I finish this? I have to admit it has now sat in the shed for a week. While I am online I may look out some signage for the front.