It has been quiet on the blog front over the last few weeks.  Ever since Xmas actually.  I haven’t been in front of my laptop much in that time (never feel really comfortable blogging from an iPad or smart phone).

To get me started once again I will tell you about a happy coincidence that occurred this week.  I met up with my brother, a less frequent event than I would like, and he reminded me that I had loaned his daughter (tomboy nieces are great aren’t they) my over sized, and hard to store, medieval castle. The little lady in question wanted a not so girly dolls house at the time.

This act of generosity occurred about 2-3 years ago when my gaming life was at a lull. As I had not used it for some time, I thought it would at least get a bit more use with her. It also solved the problem of where to store this quite large item…


Well, he has now returned it to me, as she has grown up to become a more girly girl and has not used it for some time. The dilemma for me, is once again, where to store this monster.


I also need to give it a little bit of love, as it is looking slightly worn after all its travels.  A touch up with some paint and flock will see it back to full glory but after that it will need its own, over sized, box in the shed.


Along with the castle, I was surprised to fine a box that I had completely forgotten about.  When you give someone an alternative dolls house you have to supply some alternative dolls…  I had forgotten that this batch of Mage Knight figures went with it when it was loaned out.  I have, over the last 2 years, sold off all my other Mage Knight stuff so this batch appears to be all that is left now.  Again the dilemma of what to do with these remains.

However much I bemoan the storage issues of its return, I have to say, seeing it all back in the shed has left me nostalgic for playing something medieval once again. Maybe I will dust off my copy of Warhammer Historical that has been unloved in the bookcase for the last few years, or maybe it is time to look out for a copy of Saga: Cross and Crescent.  More likely, it will just go back into a box for yet another couple of years…