As I’ve never had an oriental game before I have no oriental scenery.  For someone who has such a fascination with scenery I am surprised that I have never made some before. I now have two games (Ronin and Wolsung) with an oriental flavour to play and will soon have some new samurai too.


China has again come through with its freakishly cheap and quick scenic items. Bamboo, 100 pieces, £5.60  with postage.


A couple of bases, a small drill bit and some brown flock later (10 minutes work without drying time) and here we have a stand of bamboo plants.


I also found another use for the blossom trees that I got (from China).  I originally got these for the Dropzone Commander table I started.  They look just as good, with 28mm figures, as small trimmed garden trees, as they do as mature autumn trees against 10mm figures.


Its a start as an oriental table but a long way from finished.  Next up some buildings and maybe a paddy or two.  Who knows where this may lead.