I went digging in the back of the shed again…  Not real digging as the thing has a solid concrete base, but metaphoric digging… In boxes…


By happy chance I found these…

Almost forgot I had these.  They were defences or trenchy/ foxhole things that I made years ago for a brief foray into 20mm modern warfare.  We had just picked up a copy of the rules for Cold War Commander and gathered together some old, beaten up 20mm US and VC troops.  Add in some trees with these bits and we were off.  No finesse, just the desire to play.  Good memories from a simpler time.

Made from polystyrene coving and poly filler, and based on vinyl floor tiles I think.  A fast and dirty paintjob finished them to a playing ready state.


This little beauty is much newer though.  The Hurlbat Plinth now has Queen Victoria in pride of place after a quick bronzing (that could have been an episode of Warehouse 13).


And before I forget, the little fence in the picture is from a cheap Christmas display range I found at my local garden centre 18 inches for a mere £2.49. Bargain!