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It is a seemingly unending task. With so many pieces to paint in my Dust Tactics collection, both figures and vehicles,  I have let it sit idle again for quite a while.  As these are not going to paint themselves, I decided to gather up some more of the blighters and daub some paint on them before the urge left me again.

I really do need to paint things as I buy them. The thought of painting so many figures, especially all in one go, does not appeal to me at all.

The good thing about these guys is their unit sizes are an achievable 3-5men.  How hard could it be to get a couple more units done in an evening or two?


Not too hard it would seem.

These guys are not the master paintjobs that you may see on other, skilled painters, websites or blogs. However, as they are ‘dead’ they probably don’t take too much care over their appearance…


Teamed up with the already completed Grenadier X they don’t look too shabby. With the help of his abilities, they can happily stumble across a table and into combat with the best of them.


The specialist assault apes are finished too. The painting bug held out just long enough to finish off these three as well as the last few normal apes.

Even though these guys came with 2 alternate heads each, I couldn’t decide which faces to use.  In the end I went with the ‘get out the pliers’ approach and ripped of the heads from the normal apes. By swapping them out I eventually got the effect I wanted. I do think that the heads from the original apes look better on these guys…


The remaining assault ape heads went back on the last 3 normal apes (as the leather goggles fit their poses better in my opinion), and voila, apes done!


Apes in all their glory with Markus their hero.


So far 6 units and 3 heroes done. A nice little set, but only the tip of an iceberg that daunts me every time I look in that box…